Know form of transport is the most advantageous for export and import

If you want to ship goods from the Spain, you have two options: sea transport or air transport. And which of the two you choose depends mainly on how quickly you want the goods in your place. And of course of the price you want to pay for the transport. Which form of transport is most advantageous for you therefore depend mainly on where your supplier is located? In fact, three things are important first, where your supplier is located in Europe. Secondly, the amount of goods you want to transport and thirdly the weight of your goods. There are many companies available for truck load boards service. You just have to find the right one which fulfils your requirements.

Sea transport or air transport

The distances in Europe can be enormous and that is why the local transport of goods is relatively expensive.

Because of the considerable costs for domestic transport you can also choose to ship your goods by air. Then you do not have to transport the goods from anywhere without any objection. Instead, you can send your goods directly from your place to delivery destination by air transport. If the domestic distances are large, it is often even cheaper to opt for air transport. However, this depends on the quantity of goods and the weight of the goods you want to ship.

If you opt for sea transport, you can choose to ship your goods as LCL. LCL stands for “less container load.” This means that you share the capacity of a container with other importers of goods. The rule of thumb is that you can consider this if the volume of your goods is less than 15m 3 (cubic meters). Do your goods take up more than 15m 3 of space? Then it is most likely a better option to use a full container to transport your goods.

The weight limit is much higher for sea transport than for air transport. That is why the weight of your goods in sea transport is often not an obstacle, except if you want to import very heavy goods from other places.