Kevin Sheehan’s Hobby Revealed: Comedy Shows

One of Kevin Sheehan’s past-time hobbies is going to comedy shows with his wife. It’s how he likes to keep life happy and humoristic. Just because you’re the President or CEO of a company doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the time to go on the golf course, grab a beer at the bar, or have a good couple laughs at a late-night New York comedy festival.


Female Comedians are Here to Stay

Sheehan is a huge feminist, where he believes that both women and men should have equal rights. Therefore, if there is a comedy show that showcases many female spots then he will gladly choose the show over one that barely has females in it. One of his favorite comedians is in fact Ali Wong, otherwise known for her stinging humor on the Netflix comedy show called Baby Cobra. She had been a striving comedian who does stand-up comedy on topics such as feminism and hoarding. She unveils that she even makes more money than her husband at the moment, clashing down any husband/wife stereotypes. One year ago, nobody knew exactly who Ali Wong was.


The Importance of Rich Comedy

The question that one must ask themselves is why not enough people pursue comedic activities during their free time? Everyone loves a good concert, a meet-up with friends at the hottest New York bars and mimosa-filled brunches. But what this CEO has figured out from very early on in his career is that consuming comedy makes one a better person. Why does life need to be so serious? Why not laugh at some joke that no one else finds funny, or bring up smart dialogues about important topics such as healthcare, politics, the environment or feminism in a fun way?


Humor has Been Here for Centuries

Those who laid out the Western philosophy, such as Aristotle and Plato, have even ruminated about the importance of allowing seedlings of laughter to permeate within civilization. It turns out that there’s a scientific reason for humor, as it allows individuals to cope with complicated messages. It’s no wonder that some people laugh when a dark or tragic event occurs instead of accepting it with sorrow and crying. Remember the dark satire that the novel Animal Farm was founded on? We as humans use humor to get through difficult times, and work through the confusion that we may be dealing with.