How to Find Your First Carrier Customers

Before any prospecting at the level of a customer carrier, make an inventory of all your documents.Some transport customers may request up to fifteen supporting documents; license and insurance goods, gray cards etc.

To start as a VL or make truck load boards for heavy goods carrier, aim for the freight forwarders: in short they have customers and your are subcontracting carriers for their sign.Some will give you a lot of work with other small prices less work but better paid.


For this, it is necessary that customers find you: directories (yellow pages, specialized directories), internet presence (site and social networks).

Never miss an opportunity to talk about your business and hand in your business card. The simplest method is the phone simply! Prospect!

PS: to start if you are alone, work with 3 or 4 regular customers. Refused benefits too often will make you lose valuable customers.


Almost all requests for express transport are made by pros.Prospect carrier and commissionaires; they will make you work;moreover, the fact of being subcontractors leaves you a certain freedom to act … Offer your services and show your seriousness and your professionalism. If you do it right on the phone and during your interviews and with patience; the phone will eventually ring.

Work with Your Competitors

Yes, you read correctly! Create a network of carriers with which you can exchange races, grouped shipments etc.

Warning! You can subcontract freight up to 15% of your turnover if you are only a carrier and not a freight forwarder. Finally, take the time to do a real market study of the sector where you want to work (shopping, messaging, small tour, vehicle type). Start outsourcing to gain experience and understand the job.

Manage Your Home Transportation Company

You need to advocate at its beginning to manage your home transport company.Indeed starting from home to start his business is interesting, obviously if you do not have a big budget and especially to feel mentally free from the pressure of an additional rent.

Personally, you have to manage the company with several employees and subcontractors from your home for many years, without worries! Of course it requires some organization and more if you want not to hire and stay alone so it’s tip-top. Managing your home transportation company is the opportunity to save money and not have to pay for a room and its related expenses, a significant gain when you start your own business.Moreover it is possible to rent the area of his home used to his company by adding any costs there (energy consumption, % of council tax etc.).