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At present, in connection with the development of new technologies in various areas of human activity, it is necessary to obtain new materials that allow the effective use of the developed technologies. For example, the mass application of global information networks has become possible thanks to fiber-optic communication lines.

The use of lasers in the field of digital recording of information and for medical purposes is associated with the appearance of semiconductor light-emitting materials, powerful lasers for military and technological purposes, with the development of new optical materials capable of withstanding a prolonged thermal load without noticeable optical distortion.

Ceramic Opticals

Due to high optical, thermal and mechanical properties, zinc selenide occupies one of the first places in the row of materials used for this purpose. It is transparent in the spectral range of 0.6 – 20 μm and is widely used for manufacturing optical elements of spectral devices used in medicine, ecology, scientific research and various technologies.

The Demand

The demand for zinc selenide is very high. According to foreign experts, only about 10 tons of material per year is needed to manufacture elements of laser technological installations. The same amount of zinc selenide is required for other applications. In this case, the diameter of products from zinc selenide can vary from 3 mm to 1 m.

Thus, the scope of applications of zinc selenide with the acceleration of scientific and technological progress is expanding, which in turn calls for an increase in the volume of its production and improvement of the quality of the material. Everything written above determines the relevance of my work.

General characteristics of the connection

Zinc selenide is a semiconductor compound of group A II B VI, a direct-gap semiconductor with a band gap of 2.82 eV at absolute zero and 2.68 eV at room temperature. Being a diamond-like semiconductor, it crystallizes in the structure of zinc blende of cubic or hexagonal type. The first is most stable at room temperature and has the form of a lemon yellow powder.

In nature it is very rare to find it in the form of a mineral – a stylite. It is used in radio engineering in two ways. As an optical material, zinc selenide is used to make glasses with a very low absorption coefficient in the mid-infrared range, for example, in carbon dioxide lasers, for the production of optical elements: windows, lenses, mirrors and prisms, beam splitters, etc. operating in the infrared range. As a material for semiconductor devices, zinc selenide was considered as a blue light-emitting diode material, but experiments have shown that they are significantly inferior to nitride-halide light-emitting diodes in terms of light output.

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